What We Offer – Home Restoration in Italy

We offer a selection of packages to suit all budgets. Whether you want us to source a variety of holiday (vacation) homes in Le Marche for you to view, to overseeing the restoration project, or if you want a holiday-ready home that you need assistance in purchasing, the options are infinite.

Once you’ve purchased your holiday home in Le Marche, we can also keep an eye on it while you are away from Italy, from general maintenance to looking after your garden, or arranging for it to be cleaned and stocked with food before your arrival, we can tailor make everything to suit your requirements.

Property Search

When you contact us, let us know what you are looking for (if you aren’t sure then feel free to ask for advice).

We will visit 3 homes within a specified area that we deem to match your requirements, taking photos and video footage where necessary, and provide you with detailed information on the property as well as our own advice.

Now the fun part begins! Should you like what we’ve found for you and wish to proceed, we will make appointments with the property owners for you to come to Le Marche and view the houses. We will also accompany you during these viewings.

Should you wish that a Civil Engineer escort us on these visits (we recommend that they view old buildings to be sure that you are aware of any structural work that may be needed before you commit to purchase) there will be a small charge for his/her services. In our opinion, a good Civil Engineer is worth every penny! 

Assistance with Purchase

When we have found you a vacation home that you want to buy, we offer:

A breakdown of purchase costs, taxes and all other fees involved in home purchasing in Italy.

Assistance in helping you obtain a Codice Fiscal (national/social insurance number) and open a bank account locally.

Recommendation of an English speaking solicitor or notary to assist with the sale.

We offer our own advice and assistance every step of this part of your journey to becoming Italian home owners.








Restoration & Renovation Service

Should your new home need maintenance, building work, restoration work or interior design, we will provide you with a quote for our services that reflects your needs.

This service includes D&G Design being on site and overseeing all works required, keeping you regularly updated with progress via photos, detailed notes and video footage.

We understand that you may not be able to stay in Le Marche and oversee works, so this service offers you peace of mind that we are project managing every part of the process to ensure that your home is holiday-ready from the moment you are ready to spend time in it.






After Sales & Management

We don’t just leave you once your new home is vacation-ready. Depending on your requirements, we can assist in all aspects of looking after your house while you aren’t in Le Marche.

Some of our most popular requests are:

Assistance with the transfer of utility bills into new owners names.

Regular visits to the property while you are not in Italy to spot check, open windows and air the property.

Arranging property cleaning, general and garden maintenance.

Food provisions should you inform us of your arrival date.

Cleaning and airing of property 48 hours before your arrival.

Installation of security alarms from our recommended partners.

Assisting and providing evidence should an insurance claim be required.

Anything else you require to do while you are away.

Contact Us

If you require any of our services or just have some questions before you make a decision, feel free to let us know.

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