Events in Italy

Events in Italy


Every year at D&G Design, we hold several events in Le Marche and invite guests to explore and experience this beautiful, untouched region of Italy.

Whether you want to discover how to move or retire to Italy and meet the professionals who will help you make it happen, or if you love Italian design and want to meet the artisans of Le Marche and take part in a few craft classes yourself, or if you want to order hand-made Italian goods for your home and have them delivered to your door, our Italian events have it covered.

Choose your favourite below.

events in italy - move to Italy experience

Move to Italy Experience

Discover your dream home

events in italy - italy design week

Italy Design Week

Visit the artisans in Italy

events in italy - Italian gift shop

Italian Gift Shop

Shop hand-made Italian products

non profit organisation in italy

Our Non-Profit Association

How we are helping our community

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