Move To Italy Experience: Five Days in Le Marche




Attending our event – “Move to Italy Experience: Five Days in Le Marche” ensures that you gather all the facts, contacts, information and advice on the process and prices you need to plan your eventual move to Italy. What better place to do this than in Italy itself – in a relaxing, fun, informative and beautiful environment.

Our May 2020 event SOLD OUT fast and due to the pandemic is now postponed until 2021. As we have received huge demand we aim to run an extra event in 2021, so join our waitlist now!

Whether you dream about buying a holiday home or making a permanent move to Italy, either now or at a later date, this workshop will set you up with all the information you need to begin your journey to la dolce vita!



Spaces on our workshop are limited to ten people – so register your interest today and be the first to receive more information & prices as soon as they become available.

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"It was an amazing week that we will never forget. Thank You!" - Tine, Belgium.




Day One


Arrive at Agriturismo Ramuse and check in for 4 nights.

Enjoy a welcome aperitivo with David & Gary and hear their story of how and why they moved to Italy.

Meet fellow guests and learn about the programme for the next few days over a four-course dinner with wine.


Day Two


During breakfast, meet our realtors Alessia & Gildo and gain an insight into the Italian property market and how the purchase process works.

Then, board our mini bus and explore a selection of homes for sale that are tailored to your budget. Whether you want to restore a ruin, buy a villa with a pool, or a home that needs some renovation work, we will line up properties for you to view beforehand based on your individual requirements.

This evening, meet a group of ex-pats who made the move to Italy and will share their stories with you over evening aperitivo and a four-course dinner with wine.

Day Three


Spend another day exploring homes for sale with our real estate agents who will show you homes for sale that are based on your requirements and budget. During these days of house visits, there is no obligation to make a purchase. These are intended to show you the types of properties that are available to buy in Le Marche, and what your budget will get you.

Unwind this evening with aperitivo and a four-course dinner with wine.

Day Four


After breakfast, meet our lawyer and learn about the purchase process in Italy, including fees and taxes involved, what Brexit means to the buyer, as well as latest visa requirements.

Enjoy a free afternoon to explore the local area or arrange to view more houses with David & Gary or our real estate agents.

This evening, meet David & Gary’s structural engineer for a talk over aperitivo on restoring & renovating Italian homes, including tips on what you can and cannot do, as well as the latest rules and regulations on applications and permission.

Enjoy a farewell four-course dinner with wine with our experts and ex-pats who will join us to answer any questions you may have, now that you are suitably informed on the Italian purchase process!

Day Five


After breakfast, depart from Ramuse with the entire workshop on USB memory stick to take home.



Spaces on our workshop are limited to ten people – so register your interest today and be the first to receive more information & prices.

"I learned everything I need to know about buying a house in Italy and getting one step closer to my dream" - Karen, Canada.

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Set at the tranquil Agriturismo Ramuse, deep in the hills of Le Marche, enjoy a range of daily seminars and workshops from a panel of experts ready to share their knowledge and experience with you. We will give you the tools and information needed to prepare you whenever you are ready to make the move to Italy, in a relaxed, friendly environment surrounded by great company and amazing Italian cuisine!

Owning a holiday home in Italy is life-enhancing, but the process can be quite lengthy and slightly daunting if you don’t know where to begin or which specialists to approach in house-searching, negotiating, restoring, and paying taxes and fees. Meeting useful professional contacts and fellow expats who will share their own personal stories gives you the best start possible to support you in planning your own Italian adventure!

You will also come away with a clear picture of what type of property you can get for your budget, as well as gaining an insight into the best way to restore and renovate a home, along with what costs are involved.

You will make friends and contacts to call on for advice, suggestions and tips, even after the workshop ends and you’ve returned home.



Explore several homes for sale and gain a first hand insight into what is available on the Italian property market.

Find out the type of home you can get for your budget, and the potential these homes offer – from holiday houses to vacation in, to investments that make you money from the holiday rental market.

Receive expert legal advice on buying Italian houses, and learn all about property taxes, immigration and more.

Discover all you need to know about buying a business or converting a home into a business opportunity, such as a Bed & Breakfast or guest house.

Meet expats who have made the move to Italy, hear their stories and find out what changes they made from their initial plans.

Enjoy evening aperitivi, delicious Italian organic meals & fantastic local wine.

Spaces are limited to ten participants, so please book early to avoid disappointment. A small group ensures that everyone will have the chance to ask questions, participate, and take valuable information away from the workshop.

This is an honest, informative and humorous workshop which aims to arm you with the tools and information needed before embarking on your own Italian adventure, and there is no expectation that you commit to buying a property during this trip!

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Learn about the taxes and fees related to property buying, what to pay on rental income and how the purchase process works. Discover how and whether you should become an Italian resident, all you need to know on immigration and visa requirements (for EU, Non EU, and Brexit affected citizens!), personal tax allowances, healthcare contributions and more.

move to italy workshop 2019


Explore a selection of properties that suit all types of buyer and all budgets. Visit a house that needs to be fully restored, tour a fixer-upper that can be inhabited while needing light work, view a completed turn-key ready restored home, and see what business potential there are in homes that can become B&B’s or Guest Houses.

move to Italy workshop 2019


Over aperitivi and dinner, meet expats who have made the move to Italy. Hear their behind the scenes stories and top tips on moving to Le Marche in a Q&A session. 
There are no wrong questions - so come along armed with plenty, ask away and hear their honest answers!

move to Italy workshop 2019


Learn how David & Gary from D&G Design bought and restored their own Italian home and gain an insight on restoration and design from the duo and their structural engineer. Hear the story of how Ramuse was restored, and be fully updated with expert advice and rules around restoration.

move to italy workshop 2019


There’s no need to pack notebooks and pens, we provide you with all writing materials. And if you’re only bringing hand luggage that’s fine - attendees will take away all documents and information from the workshop on a USB memory stick, meaning that you don’t have to carry weighty brochures home.

move to italy workshop 2019



move to Italy workshop 2019

David & Gary


Having spent over 20 years restoring homes in the UK, Spain & Italy, it was only when Gary & David bought their own home in Le Marche and restored it that they discovered how much untapped potential this region of Italy offers buyers and restorers. Organising this workshop brings their team of experts together in one place and aims to arm buyers with all information they need to make the move to Italy. They guarantee plenty of fun, good food and wine too!

move to italy workshop 2019

Gildo Ercoli


With over 20 years experience as a real estate agent, Gildo not only runs his own agency, but founded the MIA (Associated Real Estate Market) which consists of over 20 of Le Marche’s most professional agencies who work together to ensure that ideal homes are sourced for foreign buyers. Gildo prides himself on only listing properties that have had all legal checks and requirements carried out and is President of the Le Marche branch of FIAIP - the governing body that regulates Italian Estate Agencies.

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Alessia Speranza


Working with Gildo for 17 years, Alessia speaks fluent English and has even appeared on Channel 4’s ‘A Place in the Sun’, showing British buyers some of Le Marche’s homes for sale. Alessia came to her career as a realtor in 2001 when a surge of British buyers created the need for an English speaking Real Estate Agent - making her unique among her peers. Since then she has navigated a multitude of foreign house-hunters through the search and purchase process, and is kept updated by many of her clients who let her know whenever her TV appearance is repeated on UK screens!

move to italy workshop 2019

Fabio Pucciarelli


A native of the historical town of Amandola, Le Marche, Fabio has been practising law since graduating in Rome in 1994. Specialising in commercial and property law, he lectures at the University of Macerata, and his excellent English ensures him a steady stream of foreign home buyers, closely guiding them through the intricacies of Italian bureaucracy and real estate purchases.

Paolo Ciccioli


With a successful career exporting black and white truffles to London restaurants and the city’s Borough Market, Paolo has worked with chefs such as Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay, Raymond Blanc & Gino Dicampo and is an expert food connoisseur. Returning to Le Marche in 2004, he restored his grandparents’ farmhouse and turned it into Ramuse, the Agriturismo he runs today. With an emphasis on quality local produce, well cared for farm animals, and ensuring that all of his guests take a piece of Le Marche away from them when they leave, Paolo's enthusiasm for his venture is infectious.

Move to Italy Experience Venue: Agriturismo Ramuse

Accommodation owner Paolo used to travel between London and Le Marche shipping truffles to top chefs. Nowadays, he can be found at his grandparents farmhouse, lovingly converted into the Agriturismo Ramuse – a rustic haven with restaurant that provides locally sourced, organic food.

Warm cosy bedrooms with terracotta flooring and wooden ceiling beams provide Italian country charm, gardens offer sweeping views of valleys and mountains, and then there’s the food.

Served on long rustic tables beside the fire or beneath the vine-covered terrace, sample fresh produce grown on Ramuse’s farm while listening to engaging experts share their wealth of knowledge with you.

We guarantee that you will come away from the workshop not only armed with plenty of house-buying facts, but feeling the kind of rejuvenation that only a few days in Le Marche’s countryside can bring.

You will also have made plenty of new friends and useful contacts, not only our team of experts and fellow guests, but with the donkeys, chickens, truffle-hunting dogs and cats that share Ramuse with Paolo and his visitors.

Ramusè rooms


Ramuse’s restored bedrooms offer traditional Italian style in every way, with stone walls, shuttered windows, chestnut wooden beams, rustic fireplaces, comfortable twin or double beds and a private bathroom.

Ramusè food

Food & Drink

All food served at Ramuse is either grown at the farm or sourced locally. Paolo prides himself on only offering food from suppliers who care about quality. 
In good weather, four-course evening meals are served outside, while during cooler months they are taken in the indoor dining room.

Ramusè environment


As an eco-friendly agriturismo, you won’t see any plastic at Ramuse. You will see plenty of animals at its farm, stars in the night sky due to no light pollution, a pond with its own eco- system, and friendly pets. 
One of our favourites, Melissa, is a Sardinian donkey who strolls around the grounds with her daughter, Coccola. They love to be petted, and fed treats of fruits and vegetables.


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