How To Buy A House in Italy: Get The Facts

Our Advice on Buying Property in Italy

How to Buy a House in Italy

Learning about how to buy a house in Italy can be a bit of a minefield, especially when you are trying to research the subject online. There are Facebook groups and online forums, articles and blog posts, where everyone shares their stories and advice. But, because laws frequently change in Italy, this advice can become outdated rather quickly. At D&G Design, we have a number of ways to assist you in buying property in Italy, whether you are looking for a vacation home, a place to retire or a business opportunity such as a B&B or guest house.

It sounds blindingly obvious, but in order for us to restore or renovate a property for you, you have to have bought one to begin with! D&G Design are not real estate agents, but offer the benefits of our own experience in helping you to discover a home that has potential to become your Italian haven.

As Le Marche is a little known region of Italy, we find that the best way to discover if it holds a home or opportunity for you is to visit the area on one of our House-Hunting holidays. Spending a few days in Le Marche viewing houses for sale gives you the chance to discover the type of home your budget will buy you, as well as getting a good feel for living in Italy and deciding which suits you better – a residence in a small or large town, a countryside farmhouse, mountain dwelling or seaside apartment. 

If you currently spend hours online asking questions in forums and groups, only to become more confused by the answers, then meeting our trusted team of experts face to face, in Italy is for you. The truth is that although the house-buying process in Italy can be complex, you do not need to take an exam to learn the facts, and certainly do not need to pay anyone for information online. What you do need to do is meet the right professional people who will give you up to date, accurate information, and support you all the way.

Our House-Hunting Holidays ensure that you meet experts who are qualified to assist you, gain all the legal information you need and have the chance to ask the questions that determine your next step, so that you are well-informed on how to buy a house in Italy, as well as having a great vacation in the process! 

See below for more details on how to experience Le Marche with us.

House-Hunting Holidays

Tailored to your requirements, spend a few days at our restored 17th century farmhouse and experience local Italian life in the hills of Le Marche.

View houses for sale, gain legal advice from our lawyer, meet our trusted real estate agents, dine with expats & hear their stories, and learn all about renovations in Italy with David & Gary.

You will come away with a great list of trusted contacts that you can call on, have the face to face knowledge that you need to plan your move, and know exactly where you want your vacation or investment property to be.

You can even sample wine at local wineries, see how cheese is made, and take part in truffle hunts or crafting workshops.

Prices from €479pp.

Move to Italy Experiences

Join a group of house-hunters in Italy and learn all the facts during seminars with experts over aperitvo and four-course dinners with wine.

Watch Gary explain what to expect.

Learn more about how our previous workshop was viewed by guests wishing to move or retire to Italy. 


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Answer: Because We...

Have proved that no project too large or small - we have restored entire homes as well as individual rooms

Have over 22 years’ experience in restoring homes

An Italian speaker, David, who is from Puglia but grew up in the UK

Set realistic project timelines and stick to them

Do not ‘down tools’ in August!

Manage your entire project and keep you updated

Work weekends when we need to!

Have a large network of trusted suppliers - builders, plumbers, roofers, electricians, pool maintenance staff etc who all share our values and work ethic

Work with talented local craftspeople and designers, enabling you to put your own stamp on your new home / room / terrace etc with high quality Italian furniture and fixtures

Also assist in finding you a home to begin with!

Introduce you to the right professionals to handle your purchase or answer your questions

Know (from our own experience) of all issues that could arise in buying & restoring a property in another country, so we ensure a smooth process for our clients and handle the stress on your behalf!