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Living on the Italian Coast

Whether it’s the rolling hills of the countryside, the mountain ranges of the Sibillini, or the charming medieval hilltop towns and Borghi, Le Marche has a host of attractions that draws both visitors and house buyers each year.

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The view from Sirolo on the Conero Coast

One such draw is the long stretch of coastline that travels the edge of Le Marche, offering miles of sandy beaches, numerous hiking trails and a smattering of historic old towns that overlook the Adriatic Sea.

The Conero Coast, at just a few kilometres from Ancona, combines 16 different towns with 20 kilometres of coastline that juts out into the Adriatic on this Eastern tip of Central Italy. The Riviera del Conero sits in the shade of the majestic Monte Conero that, at 572 metres high, can be seen up-close from Sirolo where it takes a spectacular nosedive into the sea. Beaches surround the foot of the mountain, some only accessible by boat, some after navigating hiking trails through woodland and vineyards. Read about five of our favourite Adriatic beaches.

italian coast living

Numama’s Mexican – inspired Piazza overlooks the sea

Visit Loreto for its domed cathedral and house of the Virgin Mary, Recanati for stunning views across crop-lined landscapes, Ancona’s peninsular and the cobalt blue waters of the Adriatic, Castelfidardo for its annual accordion festival and Numana for Mexican-inspired coastal charm.[/vc_column_text]

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Further down the coast, the beach town of Grottammare offers city living combined with a rustic old town and long stretch of sandy beach complete with cycle path that runs its entire length, lined with seafood restaurants all the way to its neighbour, San Benedetto Del Tronto.

italian coastal living

San Benedetto del Tronto’s Marina

Buying Holiday Homes on Italy’s Coast

For a house-hunter, Le Marche’s coastline offers great potential as a base for a holiday house. As in most countries, house prices increase the closer you get to the beach, but Le Marche’s relatively lower priced market means that a buyer can still pick up a great holiday or vacation home at prices more favourable than in some other regions of Italy.

Historic homes can be bought in old towns that overlook the sea, such as Grottammare and Numana, where prices range from €200,000 upwards for a restoration project or average at the €400,000 mark for a modern apartment overlooking the beach. For those with smaller budgets, homes in Le Marche’s hilltop towns and countryside can start at €30,000 for a restoration project, with many towns never being more than 30 minutes drive from the nearest beach.


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