The Lights of Le Marche

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The Lights of Le Marche

It’s no secret that Italian designs are known as the epitome of quality. Some of the best Italian artisans in the business are based in Le Marche, many of them known the world over, and many known only locally. Sometimes I’ve found my favourite products by accident, visiting tiny workshops that look non descriptive from the outside – but hiding a treasure trove of beautifully crafted hand-made goods inside.

One of my favourite lighting suppliers, Valeria, is a true artist – creating a vast selection of unique light fixtures for customers both locally and across the globe. She even custom makes orders and if I send her a design that would suit a client, she creates it! Everyone needs a Valeria in their life.

Here are some of my favourite lighting designs currently available in Italy, and the good news is that they can be shipped all over the world, usually at lower prices than we will find them on our shores.

Circular Pendant
This beautiful pendant light looks great in modern homes but also compliments period features in older houses too. It is laser cut in steel and then coated with epoxy powders, and also illuminates from both the top and bottom of the lighting strip. Imagine the cool glow it would cast on a ceiling rose in an older house.

Blown Glass Diffusers
This fixture is popular with my customers in both the UK and Italy, and you can see why. It works in modern homes but is elegant in a way that compliments older properties too. A combination of steel tubes and white satin blown glass diffusers, it makes for a great statement piece while being completely practical at the same time.

Cool Circles
I love how unique these wall lights are. Sold as separate pieces, they can be arranged in groups depending on the size of a wall. Steel plates are coated in epoxy powders, and come in either circles or squares.

Twisted Elegance
These beautiful wall lights are works of art. Steel coated and shaped by hand, they are then decorated (again by hand) in either silver or gold. They are so elegant and look great in both modern and older homes.

Made to Measure Chandelier
Words cannot describe how much I love this chandelier! And the good news is that you don’t need a huge room – it can be custom made to be smaller or even bigger if you need it to be. Made with shaped steel brackets coated with epoxy powders and blown smoked glass spheres, it will certainly be the talking point of your house guests!


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