How To Use Italian Wooden Flooring in Your Home

italian flooring

How To Use Italian Wooden Flooring in Your Home

One of the most rewarding things about restoring Italian vacation homes is being able to utilise the abundance of local talent in our area, particularly our favourite Italian wooden flooring artisan who helps bring our ideas to life. In a country that is renowned for its innovative product designs and high quality furniture, lighting fixtures and craftsmanship, we love making over holiday and vacation homes for our customers.

Italian wooden flooring

This beautiful Italian wooden flooring was custom made locally

We are lucky enough to have a great network of local suppliers, affording us the best products available to complete your holiday home’s decor.

Many are local artisans, supplying us with excellent flooring, one of a kind antiques, classic and modern lighting fixtures, beautiful fabrics and hand made furniture. Giving work to local artisans is our preferable way of working – we all know that designers such as Prada, Dolce & Gabanna, Murano etc have headquarters and elaborate showrooms based in Italy, and these world famous brands have their place in many homes, but it’s also very rewarding to find locally skilled artisans who produce designer quality at a fraction of the price.

And in Le Marche, these craftsmen are all around us.

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These Italian wooden floorings were custom made for a client who restored a farmhouse and wanted a modern vibe. 

italian wooden flooring

Uplights add atmosphere to exposed stone walls and cool floors

David restored the old stone walls and we came up with the idea of adding up-lights in the floor that illuminates the stonework perfectly. This takes some planning, which is why we lay out our ideas on paper before any work begins, co ordinating craftsmen so that our vision comes to life is not always an easy feat! But the end results are always worth it. 

italian wooden flooring

We love the blend of Italian wooden flooring and exposed stone walls

As this is a holiday home and our customers didn’t want it loaded with furniture that they will never use, we kept the design simple yet functional – creating a modern vibe with classic elements such as the stone walls and ceiling beams – painted white due to the lower ceilings (unusual in italian homes). 

When flooring is this beautiful, it’s important to show as much as you can when combined with a minimalist theme – this ensures that the home doesn’t look to sparce and can still retain a cosy feel. 

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