Italian Bathroom Design: Before & After

italian bathroom design

Italian Bathroom Design: Before & After

One of the best things about buying a home in Le Marche is being able to put your own stamp on it. Some of our projects involve full restoration, which David specialises in, while Gary takes care of the interior design.

Read our account of how we took on an Italian bathroom design project in one such property and incorporated modern decor into the design.

As this apartment in Amandola, Le Marche, had been empty of years, every room was in need of an update. The bathroom was the new owner’s main priority, so he enlisted our services in a total bathroom redesign.

italian bathroom design - before

Putting the ‘Italian’ into the bathroom design

To install the new bathroom, our prep-work included ripping off all the old tiles, replastering the walls and, as we discovered, installing an entire new floor as the old one was crumbling away beneath the floor tiles!

In many Italian homes, never be surprised to find that the walls are not straight, and as in the case of this bathroom, the floor was also not level. We actually did not find a single 90 degree angle in any part of the room!



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The owner wanted a neutral scheme and favoured shades of brown, to match a ceramic tile border he had already purchased, so we complimented this with higher tiles for the walls and floor. An oak coloured suspended vanity unit added contrast, with a wide mirror and chrome lighting.

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italian bathroom design - rendered drawing
Before beginning a project, we always provide a rendered drawing of our scheme

Italian ceramic specialists Catalano provided the toilet and bidet, their sleek designs fit very well into smaller bathrooms and creates an instantly modern feel. 

There are many great suppliers of materials and tools in Le Marche, and we always try to buy materials locally, using beautiful Italian designer products where the budget permits. 

Rewiring works

This apartment was built in the 1980s and had not had renovation work done since then, so it needed rewiring. The owner decided to have the bathroom rewired straight away, and will have the rest done at a later date. It is essential to have older properties rewired to account for today’s multitude of modern gadgets. As the electricity system in Italy runs on a tiered basis (it’s like being rationed!), make sure you opt for a tariff that allows you to use larger devices such as washing machines, kettles, hot water heaters etc. 

italian bathroom design

Our electrician and plumber are super efficient and were able to work around our parts of the works with ease, they even came with very little notice to do their work.

The end result is a shiny new and functional bathroom that the owner was pleased with and fitted the brief perfectly.

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Italian Bathroom Design: Before & After

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  • September 2, 2019


    Looks great, love how modern it looks now!