Four Palm Prints That Will Change Your Life In 2018!

10 palm prints that will change your life

Four Palm Prints That Will Change Your Life In 2018!

Palm trees scream summer! I love them, and if I had enough space, I would have one of those circular driveways like you see in Beverly Hills homes, and mine would be lined with palm trees.

The good news is that you don’t have to own a home with a long driveway in Beverly Hills to bring some palms into your life. (PHEW!)

In fact, here in Italy, there is a huge selection of inspiring fabrics, wall coverings and furniture from great Italian designers in this summer’s must-have pattern.

Read on for four of my favourites that will change your life forever.


palm print wallpaper

Skinwall’s Welcome to the Jungle range is inspired by all things tropical

Launched this year by Italian designers Skinwall, this wall covering is entitled ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ and comes in a variety of materials, customised to suit any sized wall. Choose from smooth vinyls, to gorgeous silks or opalescents to create a stand out feature wall and experience the great outdoors, well… indoors.


Francesco De Maio

palm tiles from Francesco de maio

Palm tiles from Francesco De Maio – hand painted, and superb!

On the Amalfi coast, the De Maio-Cassetta dynasty have been hand-crafting ceramics for five centuries, and this offering from their Palm range is an example of their expertise. In my opinion, every bathroom in Italy, no – the world, should have a wall filled with these beauties.


Villa d’Este Home Tivoli

Villa d’Este Home Tivoli’s Club Tropicana Range

Journey to the centre of the table! I am obsessed with this gorgeous dinner set from Villa D’Este Home Tivoli’s ‘Club Tropicana’ range of tableware. Blending functionality with coolness, mix and match to wow your dinner guests!


Calatea Armchair by Cristina Celestino for Pianca

Calatea Armchair by Cristina Celestino for Pianca

Inspired by the Palm’s own colour palette, the Calatea is a cool and comfortable armchair, designed by Elle Decor award-winner Cristina Celestino for Italian furniture producers Pianca. This is contemporary Italian design meets South America!



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