Enjoy a Le Marche Holiday & Make a Difference

le marche holiday

Enjoy a Le Marche Holiday & Make a Difference

Back in August & October 2016, Le Marche was hit by a succession of earthquakes that caused damage in many of the small hilltop towns of central Italy. Repairs were slow to begin and, as Le Marche is an area rich in local artisans and cultural heritage, many of these talented craftspeople were forced to find alternative work in other parts of the country.

Authentic Marche

At D&G Design we work with a number of amazing artists and skilled artisans, and we were pretty devastated to see that many of the arts were slowly dying out. This is the main reason that we have formed our own non profit organisation in Italy: “Authentic Marche: The D&G Association for arts, culture & tourism”, which aims to bring tourists to the region to showcase artisanal workshops and meet these talented creatives to keep these ancient arts and skills alive.

stone carving studio

Restoring our stone carving studio for Authentic Marche – we can’t wait to show you the finished version!

We have begun work on our own Italian stone carving studio – carefully restoring a disused building in our medieval town of Force, where David will teach classes to both Italians and tourists in the art of sculpture and casting. With thanks to our local Mayor and council who support our vision, we aim to receive students from local schools, as well as adults and tourists alike, for fun-filled days of creating unique items from stone and plaster.



le marche holiday

Visit the Antiques market in Ascoli Piceno during our Le Marche holiday – Italy Design Week

A Le Marche Holiday

In addition to this, our “Italy Design Week” is a week-long Le Marche holiday with a difference – an exploration of artisanal workshops and galleries, as well as guided tours through some of the region’s most culturally and architecturally rich towns and cities. Visitors will visit some of our favourite creatives and have the chance to order their hand made Italian products – be it antiques, flooring, lighting, leather goods or beautiful pieces made from the local travertine stone, and have them shipped directly to their door.

All of our profits will be donated to Authentic Marche to support local communities and artisans.

When restoring holiday and vacation homes for our clients, we always use local suppliers to provide us with materials, but through our association it’s very rewarding that we can take that one step further and support our community greater.

Visit our dedicated website for more information on “Authentic Marche”.



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