Five homes for sale in Italy for under €100,000

And Where to Find Them

house for sale le Marche

Five homes for sale in Italy for under €100,000

Ever wanted to buy a holiday (vacation) home in Italy, but thought it too expensive? Read on to see our pick of homes for sale in Italy for under €100,000!

A drive through the countryside in Le Marche, an area I like to call, ‘Italy’s region for all seasons’, reveals much about this untapped area of Italy. Firstly, the dramatic scenery of miles of vineyards, olive groves, mountain ranges and hills that stretch all the way to the shiny waters of the Adriatic are awe-inspiring.

But a closer look will show you that these landscapes are dotted with an abundance of empty houses that are on the market for an absolute steal.

Many Italians inherit a number of properties during a lifetime, and with taxes to pay on each one, can sometimes be eager to sell these before they become too costly. With trustworthy builders and restorers in place, these homes can be great investments for foreign buyers who can pick up a large fixer upper for a bargain price.

Here are five of our favourite homes for sale in Italy for under €100,000, which, with some work, can be turned into great vacation homes.

The Quiet Garden House – €42k

homes for sale in Italy for under €100,000

The Quiet Garden House for Sale in Le Marche, Italy

This charming two-storey house that overlooks the Le Marche countryside can become a really lovely vacation home with some restoration work. Set in a very quiet location on the edge of a tiny village, it sits within 800 metres of land (plenty of room for a pool) and currently contains three bedrooms, one bathroom, a kitchen, hallway and study. A balcony from the master bedroom overlooks the gardens and the large vaulted wine cellar can be converted into a fantastic open plan living area. Even with the renovation costs, this property can be fixed up to a good standard and you will still have change from that €100k!

See more images and our ideas for the Quiet Garden House in Le Marche.

The Medieval Fixer Upper – €38k



homes for sale in Italy for under €100,000

The Medieval Fixer Upper for Sale in Le Marche, Italy

Amazing location and an amazing price! This lovely old house set in the heart of a traditional Italian hilltop town is spread over three floors and offers views of the valleys that surround it. It needs complete renovation and restoration, but at between an estimated €50 – €60k for the work, you may get a fully restored home for around €100k!

Read more about The Medieval Fixer Upper for sale in Le Marche.

Land With a View – €80k

homes for sale in Italy for under €100,000

Land For Sale in Le Marche

Fantastic scenery surrounds this large plot of land, yours for only €80,000 euros. At 7,435 square metres, there is plenty of room to build the home of your dreams, and depending on budget, add a swimming pool and maybe a separate guesthouse. Or, why not go the whole hog and build a bed & breakfast that will generate you some income – the land is in a quiet countryside spot but the historic town of Corinaldo is only a short drive away.

See what we would do with this land for sale in Le Marche.

The Modern Townhouse – €65k 

homes for sale in Italy for under €100,000

The Modern Townhouse for Sale in Le Marche

This great value townhouse in the small town of Mondolfo is an absolute steal – it has three floors, a garden and a parking space. All you need for city living! A balcony overlooks the street below where you can enjoy your morning espresso and watch Italian life unfolding below you. The house is in need of complete restoration and we have laid out our own plans for it here. Go on, you know you want to!

See our rendered drawings of our plans for The Modern Townhouse for sale in Le Marche.

The Fixer Upper Country Cottage – €100k



homes for sale in Italy for under €100,000

The Fixer Upper Country Cottage for Sale in Le Marche, Italy

How we would love to live here! In need of some cosmetic work and a new kitchen, this two bedroomed cottage sits among 300 square metres of gardens, offering views that stretch through the countryside and all the way out to sea. It doesn’t need an awful lot spending on it, so to own a home of this size for such a small amount is pretty amazing!

See our ideas for The Fixer Upper Country Cottage for sale in Le Marche.






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